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*Free Home Alarm System offer available to Los Angeles residents includes:

- The latest Honeywell control panel
- 1 Wireless or pre-wired touch pad
- 1 Talking control unit (wireless system only)
- 3 wireless door sensors & all wired sensors
- 1 Pet safe infrared scanning field motion detector
- All installation hardware
- Burglary, fire and medical monitoring
- Equipment warranty
- Password verification system (to prevent false alarms)
* Free with 3 year monitoring agreement. OAC

Los Angeles Security Company:

Our Qualifications-

- Five Diamond Certified Central Monitoring Station.
- We consistently meet and exceed all: UL, National Fire Protection Association & Central Station Alarm Association standards.
- We provide residential and business monitoring services to over six hundred thousand customers nationally.

Los Angeles Security Articles

As if you weren't already worried because of the current state of the economy, now you have to worry about your home being broken into because of the inevitable rise in crime as a result. As the economy worsens crime will only continue to get higher. Areas with higher numbers of properties facing foreclosure face the single largest threat. So what can you do as a homeowner to protect your valuables and possessions from this increased threat? As you'll see in the next few paragraphs there's actually a lot of things you can do that are surprisingly not very common knowledge. When you follow these tips that I'll be talking about then you will lower the chance for the risk that your home will be burglarized in the first place. The first thing I suggest you do is take the name off your mailbox because a criminal can call 411 and they can easily get your phone number. All they need is your name on your mailbox to do this. Another great suggestion is to turn down the ringer on your telephone. Think about it; if you were a burglar wouldn't it be easy just to listen to the phone ring on and on and when nobody answers it you'll know that you can break into that house. Another great idea is to have motion sensitive lighting especially in your backyard area. This lighting will make it difficult for a burglar to hide behind shrubs and bushes and will make it easier for you to catch someone that is trying to get in your house and that should not be in your yard in the first place. Also a great tip is to keep your shrubs and bushes cut low and to keep them away from the side of your walls of the outside of your home because burglars can easily hide behind the shrubs and make it difficult for for you to detect them. Make sure you have deadbolt locks with the strike plate secured by at least three inch screws; anything shorter than this will not be sufficient. When it comes to windows and tracks go to your local Ace Hardware store or any other hardware store of your choice and make them cut out metal piping that will fit into the tracks of your window. You'll need to do some measuring but it will be well worth it because a burglar will not be able to open your window at all. We offer free Honeywell security systems in your area. Did you know that in order to get a free alarm system all you have to do is purchase monitoring services for your home? And I'm not talking about cheap home security systems, I am talking about top-of-the-line Honeywell or 2 gig security equipment. These brands are expensive and we know that by using the best equipment our customers will stick around for a long time. Feel free to look around our site to learn more about the promotions we currently have for free wireless and prewired security systems. Also feel free to call us if you have any questions. There are many different types of systems to choose from. However some are better than others. The Honeywell Lynx system is a wireless system and is a great system for most homes. We also offer the Honeywell Vista system which is great for homes that are already wired for an alarm system. Both systems are excellent systems and are the best at deterring intrusions. When it comes to securing your Los Angeles home don't trust anybody else; instead of trust the professionals! We can install a professionally monitored home security system in your home often in the next business day. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have about your Los Angeles California property.

Frequently Asked Questions in the Los Angeles California Area:

Should I install the alarm myself or hire a security company? If you’re handy with tools and reading written instructions, you can easily install a basic security system, which will save you 50 to 60 percent of the cost of a professional installation. If you are protecting a cabin, detached garage, or shop, you can install a hard-wired system without being too concerned about concealing the wires. Wireless systems are usually a better choice for installing the system in your home yourself. The wireless equipment, while more costly than the wired system, will save you time in running and hiding wires. If you are the type to keep valuable items at home such as fine art, jewelry or collections, you are probably a candidate for getting a security system professional designed and installed. It’s also a good idea to leave the installation for a very large home, or one with a lot of features to the professionals because wiring and programming large security systems can be very complex. In fact many most homeowners in Los Angeles and throughout California would be better off having a professional company install the system. The exception of course is the do-it-yourself type person. Keep these two things in mind if you’re thinking about installing your own home security system: 1) National, state and local electrical codes govern the installation of all electrical systems. Fire codes dictate the installation of smoke detectors. These codes are in place for your safety. Make sure to become familiar with all of them. Check with your local building department to get all the pertinent information. 2) The monitoring feature of a system should you chose it, is best installed by a qualified technician. While installing the sensors can often be done by a homeowner, connecting the system to the telephone lines and programming it to communicate with the central station are best left to someone with the right training. False Alarms: A false alarm is when either the fire department or police are called to a security monitored area and find no evidence of a fire or break-in. False alarms especially in the Los Angeles, Ca area are a waste of time, money and man-power, so they have become a big concern for local police departments. Over 90 percent of alarm calls are falsely reported. When officers are occupied answering false alarms, they are unable to handle real emergencies. As a result, homeowners living in the Los Angeles, Ca area and throughout California are now being cited fines if they have repeated false alarms. These fines range from $20 to $100. Why so many false alarms? Here are some tips for avoiding false alarms. *Have your wireless or pre-wired alarm system installed by a reputable company. *If you install the security system yourself, make sure it is reliable equipment and that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. *Ensure each user is properly trained in arming and disarming the monitored alarm system. *If your home security system is monitored, keep the number posted to call in case of a false alarm. *Test your system each month. Make sure to let the central station know you are practicing. *Follow the maintenance guidelines included with the system. *If you notice something isn’t working—get it fixed!

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